Well i mean its no different from braiding cables but still

now i can imagine whirls holoform sitting in front of a mirror doing all manner of fancy hair styles featuring braids


Teebs and Megs wake up early one morning. Teebs is the little spoon and Megs is the big spoon.

Megs kisses Teebs’ neck and paws at his interface panel. Teebs whispers that they don’t have time for a full interface. Which is okay with Megatron as he didn’t have that in mind.

He wraps one arm…


how did i


1.) The complete obsession with sexualising an asexually reproducing species.

2.) Prowl apologists who fail to acknowledge all the terrible things he’s done and feels no remorse for and instead choose to present him as some innocent victim who just needs some friends.

[robots humping intensifies]


So I heard you love Tailgate.

for silentshrubbery!


Lesson one probably didn’t go so well…

I need more of these two in my life :(


Being so productive at work!